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“A quotation at the right moment is like bread to the famished.”

SoberDayWe all know from personal experience that when we feel down, filled with feelings of remorse or holding onto some petty resentment, the ability to lift the spirit during such troubled times can make all the difference.  A positive focus can change our attitude and right size our reality.

To aid us through these daily challenges; we have created an innovative  iPhone application that delivers 365 motivational messages to the palm of your hand. Every day you will receive a new motivational message of insight and wit that will both inspire and empower your Acceptance, Courage and Wisdom along your daily road to recovery.  Once downloaded, you can access this tool anywhere, including the bus, but without having to carry a book around with you.

This handy and easy to access recovery tool is an ideal addition for members of all 12 Step Fellowships. Beginners and old-timers alike will find this an invaluable recovery resource that helps carry the message at all times.

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